Posted by Pastor Moses

True Repentance
True Repentance is the turning away from our sinful nature, by acknowledging our sin in the Presence of a Holy God through
prayer, where we realize in God’s Presence we fall True Repentance short of being Holy like Him, and then we turn to God to receive His help, mercy and grace, to empower us to turn and change from our ways and toward God’s ways and likeness (being). You know you have truly repented because once you have turned away from the sin you will not want to go back to it because you love God and don’t want to hurt Him. Remember sin hurts you in more ways than you may realize at that moment and it hurts others. When we repent it is a step to growth and maturity in Christ and in this life for ourselves. Repentance will shut doors that allow evil and wrong people into our lives and opens doors for God to move and right relationships to flow into those areas of our lives. (2 Corinthians 7:9-10)

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